Sunday SuperStrike Scramble – Get the Kids & Youth Fishing

Sunday is a great day to get the kids out on the beach and have some fun.  In order to motivate everyone a little, we are going to have our first Sunday Scramble.  The largest fish taken 6am-4pm Sunday (official weighed in) will grab a cash prize.  Kids, Youth, Women and Adults from all divisions are eligible for the pot.  In addition, any fish weighed in by the kids or youth divisions will also receive a tackle prize (one SuperStrike lure from Paulies of your chossing) donated by the MTK committee team.

This should add a little spark to get people out in the suds and enjoy the mild weather while we still have it.  This year we have almost 20 kids and youth in the tournament so it would be great.
So far, Richie Michaelson takes the lead in the wader division with a 24.12lb fish and knocked off now second place Michael Larson who had the lead for all of about 5 hours with a 21.88 fish.  Both these fish including Michael Copppola’s 31.94lb fish leading our Wetsuit division are on the board of The Fisherman’s Montauk Classic after day 1.  Congrats to all the guys and hopefully we will see some of those names stay up for the final standings in the weekend tournament.

The fishing is good but has been a pick the last 24hrs with the north side and up front being the center point of activity.

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