Bill Gardiner 42.26lb Leads Spring Shootout – June 7th Report

Bill Gardiner 42.26lb May 28 2011

The spring run has started out with a slow start for most, but Bill Gardiner has taken a commanding lead early in the tournament with a 42.26lb bass taken the Friday before Memorial Day. Bill is well deserving of an incredible fish and adds another 40+ to his collection of cow bass over the years (and I mean many years, he’s old!!!!!).

Bill’s fish took a darter at sunrise in a place to remain nameless, but that was just one of a few 40lb fish that fell over a three day span for some hard working anglers right before and into the memorial day weekend.

Paulies Spring Tournament Good Times But Tough Conditions

This past weekend for Paulies Spring Tournament conditions were tough to say the least. A few of the sharpies were pumped up for Friday night after another couple of sneaky 40lb fish fell on Thursday night…..but there would be no repeat.

Conditions were “Bahama Blue” with low seas which made conditions real difficult for Paulies Annual Spring Tournament, which is a must event each spring in Montauk. To make things more frustrating, the bass were very finicky while dining on some sm

all brine shrimp along with the crystal clear water. Most anglers had 1 or 2 fish for a whole night of casting even though a few anglers reported being surrounded by slurping bass on the still night.   The top fish was just under 25lbs with 2nd and 3rd just over keeper size fish.  Make sure you pick up some small bomber style lures or Gag’s Mambo Minnows from Paulies for the bag, when the fish are finicky like this.

This Weeks Looking Brighter, a 39.56lb fish for Wes

O’Donnell takes 2nd place

This week should start to produce some larger bass consistently and this morning Wes

Wes O'Donnell 39.56 Takes 2nd

O’Donnell proved that theory right with a 39.56lb cow striper to move him into second place.  Congrats Wes on a great fish.  You will have to wait on the details on this fish…just get out and stop by Paulies since there should be more to come!

Check back soon for our next Montauk Fishing Report and Tournament update from Montauk SufMasters!


3 Responses to Bill Gardiner 42.26lb Leads Spring Shootout – June 7th Report

  1. Wes,

    Nice catch. Glad the cows are coming back to the pasture.

  2. MIKE MILANO says:


    Good job, Great Fish! Looks like you get to keep your Mustache this year.


  3. Curt O'Donnell says:


    Nice fish! About 3 more pounds to go…from brother Curt in Boston.

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