SurfMasters Fall Classic 2010 Leaderboard

The final results for the 2010 Fall Classic SurfMasters Tournament.
Congratulations to our winners, final results as of Dec 1st, 2010.

2010 Winners - Wader Division

1st PlaceGary Aprea38.26 lbs10/17
2nd PlaceMike Milano32.36 lbs10/6
3rd PlaceFrank Krist24.20 lbs10/11
November AwardLouis Bonanno12.88 lbs

2010 Winners - Wetsuit Division

1st PlaceMike Coppola44.54 lbs10/17
November AwardNo entry

2010 Winners - Women's Division

1st PlaceMary Ellen Kane13.22 lbs11/7
2nd PlaceMary Ellen Kane10.12 lbs11/19
3rd PlaceChristine Schnell9.80 lbs10/19
November AwardMary Ellen Kane13.22 lbs

2010 Winners - Youth Division (12-17 Years)

1st PlaceKevin Logie22.44 lbs10/28
2nd PlacePhillip Schnell11.08 lbs10/7
3rd PlaceXen Angelidis9.80 lbs9/30

2010 Winners - Kids Division (7-11 Years)

1st PlaceBrenden Farrell18.16 lbs10/11
2nd Place
3rd Place