Montauk Fishing Report – Spring Shootout update 2014

With a few weeks into the striper spring run out in Montauk the fishing has been difficult to say the least with a few cows tipping the scales to keep everyone interested.

Matt McDermott 52.12lb

May 2014 Montauk Surfcasting Recap

May started out promising with a lot of small fish in the usual haunts of Montauk, some die hard regulars were dialed into small bass working bucktails, rubber shads and small tins for 20, 30 and 40 bass days while others were working hard for 2-3 schoolies.  By the third week of May there were a few larger fish coming up into the high teens and low 20’s, mostly falling to needlefish worked real slow in the late night tides.  The end of May on the back end of the new moon saw our first cows hit the scales as a few fish were picked from the northside and light into the high 30’s and mid 40’s including Ben “The Kid” McCarron’s 43.78lb slob which feel in the dark at a location “undisclosed”.  This is about the 4th year, Ben has made a run at the spring title but that would not last as the following night a cow of a lifetime fell on May 31st to Matt McDerromot who was hitting the surf hard the last few weeks.  The 54.12lb cow fell to an eel worked close to shore right after dark.  An amazing fish and congrats to Matty for closing out May with a fish of a lifetime

So far in June, the fishing has been tough, with a few shots at teen sized fish on both sides of the light but nothing consistent to write home about.  Mike Coppola did bag a fish to take the 3rd place slot in the tournament last weekend.  The 31.16lb bass took a SuperStrike needlefish worked real slow in the early morning before sunrise.

As the big moon passes by, the end of June could heat up with a shot at much larger fish and a more consistent bit of smaller bass if we see some more bait moving in close.    So far, the bait situation has been poor, the sandeels have not made a showing.  Let’s hope for a good push of bunker in tight in the next few weeks to keep things interesting in the tournament.

Mike Coppola - 31.16lbBen McCarron 43.75lb

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