It’s a Montauk Fall Blitz! – Fishing Report October 2012

Well, the fabled Montauk fall blitzes have officially begun this past week with anglers scoring bass into the teens with red hot daytime action.

Montauk Blitz Fishing

Montauk Blitz Fishing - Northside Point

Montauk’s Fall Blitz Action

Each year anglers from all over the east coast find themselves in awe of the classic Montauk Blitz.  We have almost been conditioned to “expect” the action as the fish begin to feed aggressively on the abundance of baitfish in Montauk’s local waters.  Snappers, Mullet, peanut bunker, baby weakfish and various whitebait, with the later often dominating the attention of feeding bass which can make them a little finicky.  One word…Bucktails!

Not every year sees the consistent action like we have in the last few years but you can always count on a few solid days of daytime activity in  September for this pattern.  The size varies year to year, but typically fish in the 6-12lb range make up a majority of the action, with some years much larger.  This year the fish are a little larger ranging from 8-15lb on average.

The blitzes almost always start at the lighthouse on the northside and spread over the first few points on the southside as we head into fall run for a few weeks.  Browns is usually the first southside hot spot to fish for the blites in the early fall.  A good late afternoon outgoing tide headed into dusk is a good recipe for blitz activity.  As the fall moves on the fish spread out all over Montauk’s waters and “getting away from the crowds” is the best way to enjoy this activity.  Remember, the fish will come to you so stop running down the beach!

This year’s run is starting a little later then the last few years, but typically by the 3rd week of September we are seeing some more consistent action.  When the blitzes start and weather remains fairly consistent this can last a solid 1-2 weeks or more.

Surfcasters Catch - Montauk NY

Surfcaster's Catch by Atilla Ozturk

Weekend Fishing was Red Hot – Northside Still Loaded With Bait

Over this past weekend, a record number of surfcasters seem to be in the surf who and they were treated to some classic Montauk Fall Blitz action on both sides of the point.  Up until the weekend, the action seemed to be primarily on the northside with fish now in the daytime rounding the point into turtle cove and points west.

Sunday seemed to be the best day with blitzes stretched from stepping stones all the way to Kings on various parts of the tide.  Sunday evening the northside from the lighthouse to False Bar were thick with bass feeding on small whitebait and snappers among other fair.  Bucktails seemed to produce a lot more consistently (no surprise) while the fish can sometimes be finicky with the large amounts of whitebait in the wash.  Danny style plugs and large pencil poppers did cull some bigger fish from the action up to about 20lbs, but most fish were all keeper size into the mid teens.

The nighttime bite is really solid as well with fish favoring darters over other plugs on the northside.  This may calm down over the next few days on the northside, but some quality fish still should be taken.  The southside is still remaining quiet although rumors have a few bass being picked from the all night efforts.  The largest fish of the weekend were still taken from the northside and under the light.

Montauk SurfMasters Weigh In’s – Wetsuit 40lb Leader, Women, Youth Battling for The Top

John Bruno 40.3lb NorthSide MTK

JB does it again! But this time he can thank Mike Coppola for letting him fish his eel next to him on the same rock!  After MC dropped a nice fish on a yellow super strike darter next to him, John Bruno switched up his plug and fed an eel to a 40.3lb bass to take the lead in the Wetsuit division Friday night.  He also grab the largest September fish award.  The “power of the eel” as he said after an all night session throwing darters on the northside, it took only two casts of an eel to land a cow!  If it was only that easy…congrats JB on a great fish.

The Women’s division is turning into a real shootout, as Cheryl Lackner and Christine Schnell have bumped off Joan Naso Federman in the last two days to take over the leaderboard.  Cheryl Lackner put an 11.8lb fish on the scales at Star Island this morning to take the lead in the Women’s division, while Christine Schnell’s 10.7lb fish still holds on to claim the September heaviest fish in the women’s division.

Meanwhile in the Youth division, Dylan Lackner put up a 13.5lb striper to just best Phillip

James D'Amico - Youth Division

Schnell to take over the lead in the division.  These are two impressive fish to start the youth division with a lot of hard working young anglers hitting the surf hard this fall season.


Brian Damm - 10.3lb - Kids Division

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