Fishing’s Kinda Blue – Montauk Fishing Report – Nov 13th

The picture says it all, the weather is great in Montauk but the fishing is kinda blue.  This picture taken by our Atilla Ozturk of Deadmans Cove captures the moment of the fall. The fall sunrises and sunsets are spectacular this time of year so get out and enjoy the beach while you can.

Fishing Kinda Blue

Fishing Kinda Blue by Atilla Ozturk

A Few Fish Taken Up Front

Surfcaster South Side Rocks

Bill G - South Side Rocks

A few small fish were taken yesterday morning up at the light and in the bluffs for a few anglers working the top of the tide.  Rumors of a few larger fish picked on bait at Shagwong as well as some herring spotted on the northside are circling.

The south side has beendifficult to say the least with the heavy winds over the last few days so not much to report from that front.

Gulls Working The Beach But No Fishermen

Yesterday, Freddy The Eel said there was plenty of gulls working the shoreline in Amagansett.  The birds were working on bait that was pinned between the sandbar and the beach only about 15 feet off the shore.  So there was birds, bait but NO fisherman.  This is a great time of year for a beach drive as quality fish will almost always be had on the sand as the last of the fish head west.  With a few more casters, a few fish will sure come up on the sand over the next week.


2 Responses to Fishing’s Kinda Blue – Montauk Fishing Report – Nov 13th

  1. Michael Coppola says:

    Is that the old man?

  2. george cappelletti says:

    Wensday the 16th my son an i fished the north bar out going tide small fish were hitting green bucktails no keepers but we got about 12 bass within 30min.

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