Kids On The Board – Montauk Fishing Report – Oct 13th

The action was wild over the weekend in Montauk with blitzes happening on both sides of the point working on both sides of the tide. It was an incredible seen to see the bass

Sunrise Lighthouse October

working over the fry white bait in skinny crystal clear water on a perfect October Weekend.

Fish were being a little difficult on some of the blitzes but those with small teasers and bombers were able to cull their fair amount of bass in the 8-12lb range. For those working the south side rocks on Friday night, there was non stop action on all the usual points but nothing over 20lb

class was confirmed. Black needlefish and darters were the ticket for most of the night and Saturday night saw a slower pick of fish but still a few in the wee hours of the night.

New Leaders in the Kids, Youth & Women Division

Congrats to Philip Schnell for an impressive fish to take the lead in the youth division with

Kids Getting in on the Shagwong Action

a 20.98lb bass, while James Kim Jr checked in a 10.60lb bass. Jenny Tang also took the lead in the Womens Division with a 9.28lb bass.

There should be some more fish weighed in this week from the hard working anglers in these divisions.  Phillip has had some impressive fish this year so I bet he is not done yet!

Fishing Slowed On The Moon – Montauk Fishing Report Oct 13th

Turtle Cove Blitz 10-9

Turtle Cove Blitz 10-9

The last two days the fishing has slowed but there are still some sporadic blitzes of fish into the teens on both sides of the point. Most of the action has been concentrated in the daytime from Northbar to Browns. There has been a pick of teen fish on the early night tide. With the swell and weather coming on look for a few larger fish coming on the board next week.

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