Weekend Heats Up – Montauk Surfcasting Report – Sept 18

North Side - East Wind Sept 18

As predicted the weekend weather turned on the fishing out in Montauk.

The day bite has been producing better then the night bite due mostly to the amount of white bait that has been around on the north side close to shore.  The most steady action has been from the north side which really turned on Sunday afternoon into the night with a little help from the overnight blow.

Bucktails and even pencil poppers in the stiff wind accounted for steady action right through dark with some bass in the low 20’s.  This should continue and bust open in the next few days.

South Side Action Lagging but Starting to Improve

Fish On!

A few casters that did brave into the south side rocks were rewarded with a few fish on Friday and Saturday night but most came up blank.  Saturday night fared better with solid action for a few anglers working the south side coves with fish in the teens.  Still most of the solid action is still the north side but any day we should start to see daytime blitzes working browns, kings and the other south side points.

It is a great time to get out in the suds and get in on some of the September action.  The water temperature is still warm and the larger fish should come in any day now more consistently.  Not a lot of effort on the sand beaches but that should also produce with a little more effort.  Paulies checked in a mid twenties which was taken on the sand on Sunday morning.

Montauk SurfMasters Fall Tournament Kicks Off Sept 23rd, The Fisherman Montauk Fall Classic this Weekend Too!

As a reminder, the Montauk SurfMaster’s Fall Classic Tournament kicks off on Sept 23rd.  All applications for members must be submitted no later then 7pm on Thursday the 22nd.

This weekend also sees our good friends at the The Fisherman Magazine host their annual  Fall Classic tournament in Montauk.  Check out their new Facebook page when you can. Like always, Paulies will be an official weigh station for The Fisherman Magazine’s Fall Classic so make sure you stop in at night as he will be open 24hrs, grab some coffee, buy your fishing tackle and most importantly weigh in a big fish!

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