Montauk Fall Run Starts – Teen Fish, Bait & Wind

If you have not heard…the fall run in Montauk is here!

Easterly Winds and Offshore Swell A Combination for Big Fish

Before and after this past hurricane swell has put the teen fish on the chew and casters have been picking away at teen fish consistently over the past week.  In the beginning of last week Mon-Tuesday there were some decent fish into the 30’s taken on the south side with some casters working the daytime action in the heavy surf.  The swell pushed a lot of bait in the coves and the larger bass followed.  Plenty of whitebait, spearing and peanut bunker in the wash…it was just fishy.

The most consistent action has been upfront with the easterly winds keeping fish and bait tight to the beach.  The action has slowed down after the heavy swell but there are still some fish to have in the 10-12lb class consistently for most casters making an honest outing over the last two days.

As always, there were some “screaming reel stories” and some run offs on some larger fish but things are heating up quick and the fall run seems well underway.

Blues, Bass and Albies Close In

The Albies have been making a regular appearance in the rips off the light.  Make sure you have a few of those deadly dicks in the bag just in case they crash the shore…a few of the guys taking a day off from the suds had a blast last Monday working the Albies off the light.


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