Spring Shootout 2011 Wrap Up – Montauk SurfMasters

The spring shootout has been over for a few weeks and with the Summer doldrums setting in to Montauk the spring run is a distant memory.

This year the Spring Surfcasting reports in Montauk were spotty at best with only

1st Place - Ben McCarron 43.12lb July 1 2011

a few shots at decent fish in late May into early July with no real consistency to any large bass in the surf. Even with the lack of fish our members still were able to put up some impressive fish for our Annual Spring Shootout and a few casters got into some real insane striper action on a few good nights with some larger bass moving through on both sides of the point.

McCarron’s 43.12lb Holds On For 1st Place – A Repeat!

The winner of this years Spring Shootout, Ben McCarron (last years Spring Leader) had an incredible night of fishing with several fish in the high thirties and a 43.12lb cow that tipped the scales to take the overall lead in the tournament, squeaking buy “Old Man” Gardiner. A superstrike darter was the ticket to land the cow bass.

In a span of a few days at the end of June into early July there were several other sharpies getting into a decent bite of fish, but Ben was able to hold onto his top seat with the 43.12lb cow. Here is the final standings for this years 2011 Spring Shootout:

Prize               Name                           Weight     Date
1st Place         Ben McCarron            43.12       July 1, 2011
2nd Place       William Gardiner        42.26      May 28, 2011
3rd Place        John Bruno                  40.68     June 11, 2011
First Fish Award       William Gardiner        42.26       May 28, 2011

Weigh In Raffle – John Bruno Takes The Prize

At the end of the tournament, we had 7 names entered into the Weigh in Raffle for a chance to win a custom Lami Rod by Pauly.  In the last week of the tournament both Mike Larson and Frank Bonnaro weighed in fish over 25lbs which also qualified for entry.  At the SurfMasters Lunch the winner was drawn and John Bruno who secured third place this year in the Shootout took home the prize.

An Impressive Catch for the Kids Division

7 Year Old - Catherine Zhang with 12lb+ Bluefish

With a tough spring it made daytime fishing a little difficult but that did not stop this dedicated new angler.  Seven, yes thats correct seven year old Catherine Zhang doned a wetsuit to get into some better fishing at night and landed this impressive 12lb Bluefish.  Contraduations Chatherine on an incredible catch….you outfished a lot of the diehard adjusts with that Blue.

July 29th, Report – Montauk Surf

The fall is fast approaching and there will be news to follow on our Fall Classic tournament.  In the meantime, we will try to keep everyone updated as the action evolves in a few weeks.  This may be shaping up to be a strong fall with the amount of bait set up in the bays yet to push out onto the beaches.

For a report, there has been a few sneaky northside fish for those looking to get out on a hot summer night.  Fish up into the 20lb class have been falling to casters working hard.  Porgy’s are everywhere if you want to take a little time out and drop a sandworm in the surf.  The southside has been slow, but without a big effort there is not much to report.


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