Eelboy Strikes Twice – 40.68lb Bass – June 12th Report

It was a wild few days of weather in Montauk over the weekend and the leaderboard changed quickly for the Montauk SurfMasters Spring Shootout.

John Bruno 40.68 6-11-11

John Bruno 34.18 6-10-11

John “Eeelboy” Bruno struck twice by putting two impressive cow bass on the board.  On Friday night John threw an eel and connected with a 34.18lb fish that put him into third place in the tournament by knocking off Adam Flax.  The following night, John went back to the scene of the crime and this time broke the 40 mark with a of 40.68lb cow striper which inhaled an eel to now puts him into 2nd place overall…just shy of old man Gardiner’s 42+ and putting Wes O’Donnell into third place.

Wow! Two impressive fish in two days for the Eelboy who is one of the hardest working anglers in the tournament.  Congrats John!

Pick of Fish Into the Teens- South Side & Sand Beaches

The larger body of fish has still yet to move into Montauk but those who are giving it a good effort over the last few days have seen some low teens fish for their efforts.  The weather has made it a little difficult with scattered showers and lightning keeping casters out of the water at times.  It is always great to get out before and after these fronts move through.

Eels are the ticket for the larger fish but needlefish are also producing consistently for a few fish on each tide in the 10-14lb range.  Blues have been roaming the sand here and there so all things are pointing to an improved June before and after the full moon weather permitting.

At this point in the tournament, the leaderboard is impressive but it is far from over as a lot of larger fish are falling back west and yet to arrive on our shores.


2 Responses to Eelboy Strikes Twice – 40.68lb Bass – June 12th Report

  1. John,

    Nice fish x 2. Friday was a bust for me. Not a tap on the southside from 12am to 4am. Glad you found em though.


  2. Nice fish John…old man still got ya beat!

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