Montauk Fishing Report – May 27th

May on the Sand

Spring fever is in the air and the little rockhoppers are starting to spring up all over Montauk surf for the holiday weekend.  Word has it there is even a little talking smack

between a few Sharpies on bringing a decent fish this weekend.  Let’s hope a few less beers and a few more casts will put a fish on the board in the next few days.

Now for the Montauk Surfcasting Report….

Mark Fochi - 48.2 May 2009

There has only been a few guys keeping it honest in the last week, but there has been some sneaky keepers into the teens coming up at the usual early spring spots.

Last weekend had some decent action up front for a few guys that actually took the time to get out with fish up to 18lbs.  The bait is around and the “Big” should be stopping by any day for a bite.

The last few days in May always produce some big, just ask Mark Fochi if he is fishing this Sunday. (hmmm…anyone say 50 what?)

23.75 Pound Fish Hits The Scales This Morning

This morning the first bass hit the leader board for the Montauk SurfMasters tournament, Adam Flax weighed in a 23.75 fish….you will have to ask him on the details since the mass of casters are invading the streets of Montauk today. Great job Adam!!!

In addition to taking an early lead, Adam’s fish gets him into the Weigh-In Raffle for a custom build Lami rod from Paulie.  Remember, everyone that weighs in a fish over 20lbs gets a ticket for the Raffle.  One ticket per person.

The early fish award for a fish over 25lb’s is still open but it may not be for long.

Have a great Holiday Weekend!


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